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"I’m not much of a technology person, that’s why I love RealtyONEGroup’s approach to how they not just roll out new products, but rather how they help their agents “implement” the technology to produce results.  MOXI is hands down the most effective tool to increasing my SOI marketing without having to lift a finger. As an old-school type of agent, it’s really not the technology that I care about, it’s the RESULTS."
- Luke Diamond


Being on an award-winning team at an office full of CULTure, I was convinced that my success was the result of my surroundings.  Well, I still believe that my surrounding is critical in my happiness and success.  What I didn’t realize was the difference between CULTure and COOLTure.  Cool Culture is giving back to the community and your agents.  I no longer have to pay a 70/30 split for CULTure, because COOLTure is free.
- McKensie Irvine

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I moved from a career of new construction and land development to residential sale and had no idea where to begin.  Within my first 2 years, the marketing team at RealtyONEGroup Signature developed and implemented the most impressive marketing plan I’ve ever seen in my 17 years in the business.  I’ve learned that not all marketing is created equally.  It takes a company that cares enough about your individual needs to cater a marketing program to produce RESULTS!
- Taylor Keys


Having been a "rocket scientist" in my former employment, I take education very seriously.  I knew if I had access to smart people who knows the business and cares about teaching, I would be fine.  Never did I expect to have an amazing group of caring educators at my disposal, access to some of the most helpful group of agents, and to top it off, a crazy awesome Online Learning platform that allows me to get trained at my pace, in my space. It doesn't get any better. This is the absolute best place for learning.


When choosing a brokerage, I knew what I was looking for… support.  I knew that I had the commitment and determination, I just needed to know my broker was there for me to help me with my plan.  Having Angela and RP as my leaders, I had total access and availability to overcome any fears I may have had being a new agent and the creativity and support to implement my plan to produce immediate RESULTS!
- Rikki Curtis


I run a team of agents with our lead generation platform and require minimal marketing support. Having been with a traditional brokerage prior to coming to RealtyONEGroup Signature, I realized I was paying too much and paying for the marketing and other services that I wasn't utilizing. On my last sale alone at $577,000, I paid RealtyONE $800. At the other company, at my 80/20 split, I would have paid $3,462. Think about it, that's an extr $2,662 in my pocket instead of my broker's.

At RealtyONE, I take home more of my earned commission allowing me to allocated the extra funds to my lead generation platform and increasing my ad spend.  This is what ALL real estate brokerage should do... Pay for what you use.
- jefferey morris